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The Other Bank

Twelve-year-old Tedo lives with his young mother in Keto in an isolated hut on the outskirts of Tiflis. Tedo and Keto are refugees from Abchasia. The civil war has claimed everything they ever owned, including Tedo’s and Keto’s hopes for a bright future as an intact family unit. Tedo was just four years of age when they were obliged to flee from Abchasia. One day, when he discovers that she has a lover it becomes all too much for him and he decides to return to his father in Abchasia. Perhaps he will find the solution to all his problems there. Tedo meets many people on his journey – and suffers many a blow. He is by no means welcome everywhere. As his journey comes to an end he has acquired many an insight – such as the realisation that the grass is not necessarily greener on the other side.

Director: George Ovashvili

Year of prodcution: 2009


Grand-Prix El Ojo Cojo, IFF Madrid, Spain 2010,

Grand-Prix “Regard d’Or”, Fribourg IFF, Switzerland, 2010,

Grand-Prix Cine Pobre de Gibara, Cuba, 2010,

Grand-Prix, Mons IFF, Belgium, 2010

Grand-Prix for the "Best International Film", IFF "Golden Orange", Antalia, Turkey, 2009

Grand-Prix, "Best Director", IFF Arad, Romania, 2009

Grand-Prix, "Best Asian Film of the Future", Asian IFF, Rome, 2009

Grand-Prix, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2009

Grand-Prix "Golden Apricot", Yerevan, Armenia, 2009

Grand-Prix, "Metrobus", Paris, 2009

Grand-Prix, "Golden Alhambra", Granada, Spain, 2009

Jury's Grand-Prix, Seattle, USA, 2009

Grand-Prix "Golden Lily", Wiesbaden, Germany, 2009